The dinner menu along with the bar’s bistro menu offers extensive culinary choices and each dish is prepared with great care.

Villa Tatra serves traditional Polish and Slavic appetizers such as spinach strudel which is a paper-thin pastry filled with a delicious spinach mixture, a smoked-plate combination that includes an assortment of smoked fish and meats, and smoked salmon or herring.

With numerous rivers and lakes located nearby, Villa Tatra prepares Rocky Mountain rainbow trout as an entrée or smoked and offered for sale at the delicatessen counter.

Dinner menu also features traditional Polish soups such as organic dill-pickle, botwina - beet soup with vegetables, zurek - white borscht or cabbage vegetable soup.

Some of Villa Tatra’s most popular dishes include:

  • Polish Special Combination Plate features Polish sausage, sauerkraut, a stuffed cabbage roll, and pierogi dumplings,
  • Tatra Banquet consists of a stuffed cabbage roll and pierogi dumplings,
  • Slavic Banquet includes Pierogi dumplings filled with potato and cheese, or meat,
  • Wiener Schnitzel European Style is served with “kluski” Polish dumplings and root-vegetables,
  • Smoked Roast Duck is half a duck with red cabbage and pierogi-dumplings,
  • Smoked Salmon Pasta is served with tomato wine red sauce,
  • Local Rocky Mountain rainbow trout.