Our Story

Villa Tatra was built in 1976 in the "Podhale" style, a traditional Tatra Mountain form of architecture, and was specifically designed by one of Poland's foremost architects.

The Wojcik and Kusnierz families first settled in Chicago in the 1970s, and on one of their trips to Colorado they fell in love with the scenery because it reminded them of the Tatra Mountains in their native Poland. 

When they saw the rustic chalet they bought the building and followed their passion for cooking and baking, and then built the smoke house in which the first fish fillets were smoked 25 years ago.

Today Villa Tatra smokes approximately 900 pounds of fish per week, and supplies various signature health-food stores like Whole Foods, Lucky’s Market, and Shamrock.

Although our Villa Tatra sits at the base of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, you can still enjoy the flavorful foods of Eastern Europe in an authentic setting.

Our Polish cuisine is not tied to culinary tastes alone. In many ways our foods reflect a vivacious national character, the hospitality and sincerity of the Polish people, and the warm-heartedness and beauty of a nation steeped in respect for its traditions.

Villa Tatra brings another part of the world close to your home for all occasions you share with others or treasure by yourselves.